I thought this was the most fun project we had this year. I liked working with the clay and making the animal with the clay. The part we did before the clay was harder than the actual clay slab with the fish and the coral. Making the texture was also fun. I got an afro pick and basically made little dots all over the coral part. Then I made the fish the fish was easier than the rest of the stuff on the slab. I liked working on this and I think you should do this project forever.

 This is my amazing masterpiece of a painting that I made. I think this painting is the one I developed the most from. Because I learned new techniques and all different types of things to do with colors.It also helped me have  a painting have a lot of color and layers. I also had fun with this one because I learned how to make happy little clouds and a mad little palm tree. This is literally the best painting I have ever made in my life. This project is amazing and it gives you a lot of skills for later painting
 Well with chalk I have been using it since I was 2 so I think I got some amazing chalk skills. As you acan see it is a giant 23 foot long caterpillar that we have made with chalk. This project had a lot of shading on it and different color blending. It is also interactive art so you can take a picture of someone riding the caterpillar. This project combined everything we learned before this and made it into a interactve caterpillar.

I thought this project was amzing but I don't think it really tought us anything much that went along with this class. Photoshop is fun and random that is why most people like it. My random family sitting on a big bird is very random and funny ish. But I don't think that photoshopping random things together helped with anything in this class. Pretty much the only thing it helps with is photoshop.That is why this project helped nothing. But it was fun.


I think this Guppie/Grouper reflects me the best as an artist. The craftsmanship of this amazing chunk of masterfully made clay Guppie/Grouper. It says that I know how to make sculptures very well . This project was very challenging but it helped me show my skills with chunky clay pieces.I think I also made the paint part very good. People said it looked like coral and a fish so that is awsome. If I could do this again I would and do it even better.

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